What to see around the B&B

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Orvieto: 10 km from the b & b, the city of Orvieto offers tourists many attractions and things to see, from its geographical position on an ancient volcanic tufa plateau, the magnificent cathedral in Romanesque-Gothic style. Orvieto has a great old past with Renaissance palaces and medieval churches. Rich is also a proposal to museums and archaeological sites Etruscans and Romans. For more information about the city of Orvieto

Lake Bolsena: 29 km away is the town of Bolsena and the homonymous lake that has clear water and equipped beaches, ideal for those who love the lake tourism and relaxation. Bolsena is the same country of origin as an Etruscan Orvieto and its territorial museum in the beautiful castle Monaldeschi its majestic landmark.

Civita di Bagnoregio: a short distance, the village of Civita Tuscia in Viterbo is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, immersed in the enchanting scenery of the valley of the badlands. And ‘now almost deserted and retains the charm of a long story. Very characteristic of the church of San Donato, in the center of the village.

Ficulle: small Umbrian borough few miles from the b & b, has medieval origins as a testament to its ancient fortress and the tower of stone. Very appreciative of the local crafts and processing of “shards” and ceramics. Not far from Ficulle, near Montegabbione town there is the interesting Convento della Scarzuola.

Corbara Lake: The lake between Orvieto and Todi is a basin of water obtained by the damming of the river Tiber. The whole area is an unspoilt area fecente part of the Tiber River Park, a paradise for lovers of hiking, trekking and fishing.

Todi: the Umbrian town of one of the first poets Italian dialect, Jacopone, is a city on a human scale with a beautiful old town characterized by the large Piazza del Popolo and the cathedral. Of particular interest is the Marian shrine of Consolation and the Romanesque church of San Fortunato.

Viterbo: less than an hour the Lazio town, known as the city of the Popes is worth a visit, especially the center enclosed by ancient walls of houses palaces and churches of relief, of all the beautiful Papal Palace and the Church of S. Rosa. Very charming old neighborhoods medieval Piano Scarano and San Pellegrino. To report to the thermal baths of Viterbo also “spa of the Popes.”.

Terni and Marmore falls: in 1 hour you can reach the modern city of Terni which has interesting tourist attractions like the archeological area of Carsulae and the Marmore falls (the highest fall in Europe).

Other places of interest Perugia and Assisi (1 ½ hours), Rome and Florence easily reached by train from Orvieto (1 hour and 2 hour far from the train station).